Next Gathering

We’re currently working on is the planning for the International Gathering coming in Fall 2020! We’re excited for this time to learn alongside, share together and be with each other again! The foundation of theRIVER network is trust and relationship and this biannual gathering is the pinnacle of this. It is in this space that we come together face to face as one community separated by continents and 1000’s of kilometers but united in our desire to give Jesus a voice in the world of travelers and seekers. It is here that existing communities continue to develop relationships and learn from their various experiences, and that those who are interested in the vision of theRIVER are invited deeper into the current and vision of what this could look like. This is one of the biggest and most important things that we do and the ball is rolling!

What we know so far:

Location: Israel near Shelter Eilat
Time: sometime September – November 2020

If you have questions ore ideas pleas feel free to contact us:

More informations coming  soon.

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