The Shelter Hostel – Netherlands

The Shelter Hostel – Netherlands

The Shelter City is a Christian Youth Hostel for backpackers, wanderers and travelers alike and in many cases, it is so much more than that. It can be a resting place, an escape from routine, a refuge for those in need and a place for unsuspecting people to encounter God or at least learn a Continue Reading

Warm Heart – Mexico

The day after the earthquake is still a blur. We ended up having a house full of guests with over 30 of us sleeping on the first floor in the case of aftershocks. We led a 12-hour prayer meeting that next day, still trying to process the fallen buildings 10 blocks from our house and Continue Reading

Nomad’s Land – USA

In late September, it was still sweltering at Nomad’s Land in rural Alabama. One of our early guests of the fall season, Katrina, arrived in a rickety white pickup with a brightly beaded dreamcatcher swaying under the rearview mirror. Her smile was eager despite the mugginess. She was on her way up from Florida and Continue Reading

Shelter Eilat – Israel

We had three lovely Shvilistiot (Israel Trail girls) stay with us this week and they left a letter for our staff (it rhymes in Hebrew):   “Dear Shelter family, There’s no doubt that you are amazing people! You received us with open arms With many songs, smiles and talks We met people from all corners Continue Reading

Shelter Eilat – Israel

We are in the peak of the fall season for Israel Trail hikers, folks who hike 1000 km from the north to the south of the land. Most of the hikers are 20-something year old Israelis and they are generally the open types and are interested in hearing what is going on at the hostel Continue Reading

Oasis Trails Community – Spain

In a small village in Northern Spain the Albergue season for walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela is coming to an end. We have been running a refuge or hostel or Albergue for pilgrims and walkers of the age old trail. While feeding them and giving them a bed we have been able to Continue Reading