Transitions & Gratitude.

Hey all, We wanted to honor and thank Adam, Nadine and Ute, our beloved brother and sisters, so we decided to make this little video to show them how much we love and appreciate them.  For those who don’t know them, they have, for over a decade, been creating beautiful spaces for travelers to meet Jesus in Continue Reading

‘This Is Where It Started.”

An account from our community in Spain along the Camino! Brunot came from France walking last year his Camino. He started in Le Puy and so he was well under way by the time he got to our albergue by the end of July 2018. “But” he said, “last year, it was in this albergue that Continue Reading

“Being a Son and Daughter”

This is a re-post of a blog written by two travelers along the Camino that came across Oasis Trails. It shares a bit of their experience and give another perspective on the previous post we did, giving us the story of the “Jesus Meditation” from a new seat in the circle… from new eyes and Continue Reading

The Meeting Space.

T is from Israel. We met on the terrace briefly and then again, later, in the meditation room. She sat in the professional yoga pose. That day we meditated on the Bible story of the sick woman. She had a bleeding problem for twelve years. (Luke 8:43-48) The story says that the woman found her Continue Reading

Christian Travelers’ Network Podcast

Looking for a podcast where travel stories, community, and Scripture combine? The Christian Travelers’ Network is a weekly podcast that challenges people to examine how faith and travel combine. It also equips people to take the Gospel with them wherever they go, whether to work or around the globe!Sarah started this podcast with the hope Continue Reading

Surf Hostel Narawallee

“Summer has drawn to an end with some moments to draw breath and be ever-so-grateful for the guests that have constantly come through our House. As well as travelers, we have been able to host a number of mission and ministry folks. We have been able to afford them much needed respite and, even sometimes, Continue Reading

‘Becoming Worldly Saints’ by Michael Wittmer

‘Have you felt the tension between heaven and earth, between what you should do as a Christian and what you want to do because you’re human? You would like to lay up treasure in heaven, but you also want to have some fun down here. Have you ever thought you might enjoy life more if Continue Reading