Big news: SurfHouse Narrawallee has joined theRIVER!!

Big news: SurfHouse Narrawallee has joined theRIVER!!

Exciting news! We are honoured to announce that SurfHouse Narrawallee is officially part of theRIVER! They have joined as the first RIVER Connection. We now have 10 RIVER Communities and 1 RIVER Connection! (for definitions check out the info on the homepage of our website – here). You can now get to know SurfHouse Narrawallee better on our map here on the website.
As announced, after the World Gathering in Thailand in October last year, we decided that we needed to create a clear way for others to join theRIVER.
We developed a simple process that encourages connection, which we all believe to be of utterly importance in order to reach our vision. They are, therefore, the first ones to have completed it and now we hope that many will also do so. (for more info on the joining process, check the info on the home page of our website- here)
We’ve also decided to have other places on our map here on the website (the grey dots) for places that are not officially part of theRIVER (just yet), but these are people that have in one or many ways been connected with theRIVER, who share the vision and dream of starting a place for travellers or who are just starting or just getting connected.
Having them on our map is a way to raise awareness, provide support, being encouraged by others and find people who could join/ help them with the process of getting started/ connected. We hope that all of them will become RIVER Connections or Communities in the future. Here is our welcome video for Jenn and Steve from SurfHouse Narrawallee!
Video Credits to Felix Gerber

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