theRIVER World Gathering 

Thailand 2018, Oct 9-12th
155€ or 6,000THB

(*check in 8th - check out 13th)


What is it?

It's time! We are gathering again to share life, experience and dreams. It's time to pray together, eat together, and get a vision for what is possible with God.

This year it has to be Asia. As long as there has been a spiritual traveller scene, Asia has always been at it's heart. Thailand itself regularly attracts more backpackers than anywhere else on the planet. They come for the promise of adventure, spiritual enlightenment, and the constant journey to "find self". And its a truly global destination, people come to Thailand from every corner of the planet.

Its our feeling that all of us who are serious about exploring the life and message of Jesus and sharing those deep truths with travellers need to experience what Asia offers.  And we need to pray about how to see travellers everywhere with God's eyes and know what to do next.

If you share our common dream of sharing Jesus with backpackers, no matter where you are make your way to theRIVER gathering to discover what our future together could be like.

Want to get a better feel for what the gatherings are like? What to know more about what theRIVER is? We got the vids…

theRIVER Gathering Budapest

theRiver Current Australia

theRIVER - Who We Are

What is a RIVER community?

What are we doing?

We will be posting the exact session schedule here as it develops, and as we hear your input. Here are some things that will be happening for sure, because this is what we are all about.

What we will be spending our time doing;

-Sharing meals, sharing stories, and getting to know each other to build a strong sense of community that can carry us forward. This is the heart of theRIVER.

-We will spend time in worship and prayer, keeping God in the centre of all that we do. We are deeply committed to being a vibrant spiritual community.

-We will be learning together and discussing topics that are vital to help each other. We will hear from people who have experience and a lot to share, and we will give you a chance to be heard in workshop settings. The gathering is designed for growing in awareness and understanding.

-We will be problem solving together. Maybe your big issue is fundraising, or maybe its getting more people to help you fulfill your vision. We want to know if we can connect you with someone who may be able to help.

-We will be learning how to generate and capture the best ideas, so we can solve real problems together.

-We will help you begin to get a glimpse of the bigger picture and see whats happening around the world.

This is what theRIVER sessions will look like;

-Workshops where we roll up our sleeves and work with each other directly, using time tested formats like the World Café and others.

-Times devoted to exchanging our christian practices with each other, some sessions will be designed to allow us to experience those things together. 

-Teaching presented by trusted and experienced people who will help spark ideas and maybe even plant God's vision for something in you.

-Ceremonial sessions where we come together and do something symbolic and beautiful together to enrich our lives.

-Times of fun and exploration. There may be hikes or adventures available, we will make open times where we can just be together. For us, these times are just as important as the time we spend overcoming obstacles and praying together.

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What should I do to prepare?

RSVP, fill out the survey, and be prayerful about joining and engaging in the gathering. This gathering is not for only sitting and absorbing, it is a beautiful opportunity for discussion, sharing, and learning with others who share your passion for Jesus and travelers! Cultivate an open heart and mind for learning and dreaming.  Most of all seek God and come ready to be involved in something big! Please RSVP by Sept 1st!

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Now that you know what its all about, take a moment to RSVP, It really helps us prepare for you.

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